How To Make Money In 2020
Simple Steps To Make Money 2020

Step Six. (Traffic)

Welcome to Step 6.

Now that you have a few idea's for how to generate additional income in 2020, its time to talk about getting traffic to your businesses or offers. 

There are countless ways to get traffic, including Traffic Exchanges, List Mailers, and Safelists. 

I use several, but I do not want to cause information overload, so I am going to list just a few of my favorites. 


The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4U, Surf sites in the traffic exchange to earn credits to have your site shown.

EasyHits4U has a ton of members, and very active surfers, so its a great place to get traffic.

You can also advertise with Banners and Text Ads. 

You get a free splash page builder and a rotator.

It Truly is a great resource. 

Rotator Traffic.

Easily one of my FAVORITES. 

Join Free, surf sites with a 6 second timer and receive 0.33 site credits per site you surf.

But Wait....

Surf just 25 sites a day and then you can get a 24hr Pro Upgrade.  You can do this EVERY DAY!

While upgraded to Pro, surf timer is reduced to 4 seconds and you earn visits at a 1:1 ratio...for ever site you view in the Traffic Exchange, you receive 1 visit credit for your site. A Site For A Site.

 Also, there are Prize pages that give you Cash and Credits.  It takes no time at all to rack up views. 

You also get free rotator and trackers.  I add all my sites I want to promote to the rotator and then just promote the rotator.  I have a ton of hits assigned to my sites. 

 And, I see different sites there.  A lot of the TE's, I see the same old sites over and over again, at Rotator Traffic, at least there is a variety of site. 

I Love It. 






Adboardz is awesome, you get your very own Ad Board that you can promote.  

On your Ad Board, as a free member, you can display 5 Banners, 5 Free Ads, and a RSS Ad. 

Now, you have the option to upgrade to Pro, then you get to add an additional 5 Sponsor Ads to your Ad Board. 

Also has Pro, you then receive Free Random Referrals.  

With either Free or Pro, your ads are shown on your ad board and the Ad boards of other members. It really is Awesome. 



Moving On....

==> STEP 7 Your Free Traffic Exchange -1:1 Exchange Ratio, Business social network. FREE Advertising!

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