How To Make Money In 2020
Simple Steps To Make Money 2020

Step Four. (GDI)

Welcome to Step Four.

So, you have a few ideas on how you can generate some cash. Now, lets talk about another important step.


Branding You.

It is important to establish yourself a presence.  What do I mean by this, I am talking abut your own domain, or website.

It is much better when promoting your offers to promote your own website rather than a company replicated website. 

One Key reason for this is, because so many others fall to do this, you get a mass amount of people promoting the company replicated link, then when you go to share it somewhere such as facebook, it tells you that website is banned.

This is because far too many people do not know how to market effectively and they spam their link on social networks and people complain and it gets marked as spam. 

So it is a great idea to get your very own piece of Internet Property and claim a domain name.


Lets take a look at Global Domains International (GDI).

GDI offers domains and hosting, and they even have an awesome Business Opportunity.


GDI is an affordable solution to needing a domain. GDI has the exclusive right to the (WS) website extension.  This means, GDI is the only place you can get a website with that extension.

This means, there are greater options available to you, and chances are, you will find the domain you are seeking is available.

So essentially, when you go to claim "" it will be available. Try that at Go Daddy and you will spend hours trying to think of something else because what you want has been taken. 


With Global Domains International, you have several options for how to use your domain.


1. Use the GDI Site Builder, which is super easy, and has many templates available.

2. You can forward your domain to any other website you want.

3. You can change your Name Servers to connect to another site

4. Or you can build it using your any builder and GDI will host it for you.


Global Domains International also lets you create several email addresses.  


Take a look at this short video, it will give you a brief overview of GDI.

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Enter your name and email in the form to start your tour. A new window will open with a "Thank You" page and a reminder to confirm your email, click on the link in the email to confirm and your tour begins.

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