Rick Hunt (RockWithRick)'s blog rockwithrick.ws/news&rss Rick Hunt (RockWithRick)'s blog en-us Thu, 20 Feb 2020 00:46:56 PST Thu, 20 Feb 2020 00:46:56 PST Tezos (XTZ) WOW http://rockwithrick.ws/news&p=6E5B8451060DC150E050010AAC011AF0   Tezos (XTZ) WOW So here we are, Monday, February 3rd, 2020. The last few days have been rather impressive for Tezos. If you haven't done any research on this one, you may want to consider it. It has been performing rather well, in fact its quite impressive. Here is what it looks like, just moments ago as I sat down to write this.  So as you can see, its doing rather well, at one point this morning, it was up to .29.  That is rather impressive.  And with Tezos Staking, that makes it even better. I do believe Tezos is going to be one to watch.  If you want to learn more about Tezos, or get started buying and selling crypto, I would recommend you set up an account on CoinBase. Click here to join CoinBase Well, thats about all I got for now. Have a great week ahead. Rick RockWithRick 2020-02-03 13:59:29 Not Impressed Today... http://rockwithrick.ws/news&p=6D2439EBB6E4E2B0E050010AAC0133D7   Not Impressed Today Well, Its Hump Day, Wednesday January 29th.  I can not say that I am impressed with my Crypto Performance this week so far.  So I recently discovered Orchid (OXT), and I was given some by CoinBase for watching a few videos and learning about it.  At the time it was trading at about 30 cents, not to bad..but not a high dollar one, but hey, they gave me some for nothing. I researched it a bit and thought, yeah, this might be a good one.  So I converted a little bit of some other crypto I had in to OXT, and thought ok, this is gonna be good.  Well, its not doing so well...today it is down to like 23 cents. But I have hope, it will rebound...not ready to give up on it just yet.  I also learned and earned another one, Tezos. Now Tezos is doing rather well, its up around 60 cents, and you can stake Tezos, in fact, CoinBase does it automatically, and if you hold any Tezos at all, you are entitled to the rewards from staking. So that is a plus.  You can claim your share of OXT from CoinBase if you are willing to watch about 3 short videos, less than 3 minutes each, you will earn worth of Orchid. Here is the link if you would like to claim yours.  Learn and Earn Orchid (OXT)  The other one I have held for some time now is 0x (ZRX), I actually have quite a bit of that, and it is down pretty low also, but it has been lower and typically bounces back.  Ok, enough ranting about Crappy Crypto Wednesday HaHa.  So what has been good this week, lets see, picked up some more Dutch Hemp CBD from UntilGone.  A few weeks ago, I picked up a bottle of Dutch Hemp 1000mg CBD for only 39.99, that is half the price it is selling for on the Dutch Hemp website.  So I figured for that price, I can't go wrong. It was all I expected and more, so yesterday, I picked up 2 more bottles.  Now, with the products at UntilGone, they are basically closeouts of a sort, which is why it is called UntilGone, when its gone, its gone..so it can be yours, UntilGone.  Maybe you have used CBD before, or maybe you have been wanting to try it, but I can say in my opinion, this product is excellent for the price. Here is a link to get the 1000mg.  Click Here to Learn More Also Available in Tablet Click Here To Learn More So that's about it for now for a Wednesday update. Hope your week is going well. Until Next time, Rick RockWithRick 2020-01-29 17:49:05 Business Cards From Zazzle http://rockwithrick.ws/news&p=6D2439E53820E2B0E050010AAC0133D7  Business Cards From Zazzle I just bought some Business Cards from Zazzle.   So I decided to pick up some business cards from Zazzle, and I have to tell you.....I am IMPRESSED! So far, everything I have purchased from Zazzle has been perfect. The business cards are no different, absolutely Perfect.  I love that you can use Zazzle to design your own custom products, everything from T-shirts, Business Cards, Logo's...etc.  Here is what my New Business Cards look like Front: Back: If you need or want quality business cards for your business or organization, then Zazzle is a great place to start.  Plus, they always have a deal where you get some % off site wide, look for the code at the top of the page. Usually its 15% Site Wide, but often they do Business Cards for even more of a discount.  Click Here to design your own Business Cards. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting this post. Rick (RockWithRick) 2020-01-26 08:29:06 Welcome To RockWithRick News http://rockwithrick.ws/news&p=6E5B843F759BC150E050010AAC011AF0    Welcome to RockWithRick News. I am trying out this blog feature, I will post news and updates and useful information here. Maybe a good place to share media and images and other things of interest related to Making Money in 2020.    I was hoping I could make the blog site match the main site a little better, but it does not appear I can change the template.  So for now, we will see how this goes. That's it for the first post I guess.  Its Sunday Morning, so have a great Sunday.  2020-01-26 05:35:34