How To Make Money In 2020
Simple Steps To Make Money 2020

Level Two (Advanced).

Welcome to Level Two


On Level Two, we will take a look at some Advanced Income Opportunities.  Steps 1-6 were designed to be a low out of pocket, entry level starting point to making money online in 2020.

Level Two, I will highlight a couple more Opportunities that I think are amazing opportunities. 




Heart And Body Naturals

Heart And Body Naturals (HBN) Offers a complete line of wellness products for the whole family, even our Pets.

HBN Products include Weight Loss, CBD, Essential Oils, and supplements for overall Health and Wellness to name just a few. 

HBN is Free to join, you can even earn commission from direct sales as a free member. 

The Compensation Plan is where the Magic is. 

With the HBN Powerline System, Everyone who joins after you goes under you. They become part of your team or organization. 
HBN has some Amazing Products, and a fantastic Opportunity to Earn. Take a look and see for yourself.

And YES, you can earn commission from even those you do not personally bring in, provided you have placed a qualifying order in the last 30 days or one of your direct referrals has. 


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Daily Net Pay

Daily Net pay is an Automated Advertising Business. You purchase an Ad Pak, which gives you advertising and 150% Return On Investment. It is an easy way to earn without Advertising and Without Sponsoring.  Of course, you are free to advertise it and increase your earning potential.

Depending on which Ad Pak you choose, DNP will advertise for you. Now, this can be your DNP Opportunity Link, or any other business you are promoting provided it is approved by DNP Admin. 

It is a bit difficult to explain, so probably the best thing is to take a look and see what it is all about.


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