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If you are looking to generate some extra income for the New Year 2019, then I will share with you, some of my Top Picks for earning online and getting traffic to those sites. 

I will break this down in to categories.


My Top Picks for a Primary Business

  • GDI Global Domains International, take a free 7 day test drive, then only $10/mo thereafter.
  • HBN Heart and Body Naturals. Offering Natural CBD and Other great health products, from Weight Loss to Pet Products. No Cost to Join or earn.
  • bUnited Time to Unite and Get Paid. Join Free, nothing to buy.
  • GoFounders For a limited time, become a Founder before official launch, This is the opportunity people are talking about.  It will be a done for you system and business

My Top Picks for low cost simple Programs

  • SpeedFlow Spill Over Machine: Speed Flow is a low cost program that has great potential. Get Started for as little as $3 and have the potential to earn much more. Click to learn more.
  • WeeklyICO  Generate traffic and participate in the WeeklyICO revenue share by purchasing at least one stake.  Advertising Platform and Earning
  • Lead Lightning: A low cost marketing system that you can use to generate leads and build your list. You can use the Lead Lightning system to promote your primary business or use it as a stand alone business. It is a great system. Click to learn more

My Top Picks for free sites to claim free Crypto Currencies

I am not gonna give long descriptions for these, as there are many of them.  But all of these are free to join and you can claim free Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency multiple times per day.  These are legit sites, you don't earn a lot, but it will add up over time.

My Top Picks for getting Website Traffic

Regardless of what you join, you are going to need to get traffic to your websites to get them in front of people or potential business partners.  So now I will share with you, my favorite picks for generating traffic to your website. 

My Top Pick for a Crypto Wallet.

A lot of the sites above, you get paid in Crypto Currency and you can purchase advertising with Crypto Currency. So it makes sense, you need a great resource to buy/sell and send/receive payments in Crypto Currency. 


CoinBase: Coinbase is easy to use, you can buy Crypto Currencies with a debit card or bank account and funds are available immediately if you use a card. Click here to join CoinBase.



There you have it, I am an active member of all the above sites, I use them daily.  I am certain I am forgetting something, but these are my most trusted and most used resources. Join one or Join them all, its entirely up to you.  I realize the list looks massive, but it doesn't take but a few minutes a day to fully utilize all of the above sites. I wish you a Prosperous 2019. 


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